Windshield Repair

When you notice damage to your windshield from a rock-chip or a small crack, call A-Plus Glass right away. If the damage is small enough and caught early enough, you may be able to repair the windshield which is much cheaper than replacing the glass. Windshield Repair is the process of filling small cracks and chips with a special resin that will drastically reduce the appearance of the damage which means your vehicle will not only look great, but also that you'll be able to see the road much more clearly.

Broken Windshield Repair

How Long Do Windshield Repairs Take?

In addition to costing less, windshield repairs also take much less time than a replacement. In fact, if all goes well, you'll usually be back on the road in about a half hour. To ensure your best chances that your windshield can be repaired, it's important to contact us at the first sign of damage. If a damaged windshield is left unattended, weather, rain, and debris can cause the small chip to start to crack which can spread across the windshield making a replacement the only option.